ALTA Sportsmanship Award to Thurs. Women C-8!

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Vermack Team Receives ALTA Sportsmanship Award

 The 2008 Thursday Women’s C-8 tennis team was honored with the ALTA Sportsmanship Award for the fall season.  The team was nominated by Holly Blake, another Vermack tennis player for the “exceptional way the team handled the medical situation during the playoff match with South Fulton Tennis Center.”


Prior to the start of matches the captain of the South Fulton team suffered a brain aneurism which lead to a seizure leaving her unconscious for nearly 20 minutes.  The Vermack team took the initiative to keep the captain comfortable until paramedics arrived.  Maggie Chiles, a professional nurse, was able to assess the situation and care for the initially unconscious captain. When the captain regained consciousness Maggie was able to ask appropriate orientation questions to evaluate her condition.  Meanwhile other Vermack team members were fielding phone calls with family members, the paramedics and the ALTA organization.  Once the paramedics took over the two teams played their match and although the C-8 team did not advance past the second round of playoffs, they did feel that they had a bigger calling that day. 


The team members are: Shari Wassell (captain), Denise Pressnall (co-captain), Pamela Bennett, Leigh Bertolino, Holly Born, Maggie Chiles, Veronica Fabris, Sheila Goode, Laura Guest, Paige McIntosh, Lisa Nemetz, Sharon Pierce, Marsha Reiter, Maureen Sadler, Christene Self, Kris Stoutamire, and Anna Tester.


An award presentation was made on February 28 at the Perimeter Westin by ALTA president Keith Wood who appears in the attached team photo.

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